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 Kazuya, Iseijin warrior {Complete}

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PostSubject: Kazuya, Iseijin warrior {Complete}   Wed Aug 19, 2009 9:27 pm

Name: Kazuya
Alias: N/A
Age: 15
Gender: Male
race: Iseijin (It means alien in japanese.)

Super Isejin form lvl1, (kazuya is the on in the middle.)

Super Iseijin form lvl2

likes: Power, Training, food, power, money, fighting, revenge, winning.
dislikes: Losing, weaklings, idiots. lazyness.
group affliation: N/A
RP sample:

Kazuya smirked at the boy after reading his power level. "A Power level of 12,000. Not bad, not bad at all." he chuckled. He had been hoping to find someone with a power level as high as this boy's in order to push his own limits, and become stronger. "You shall be the one for me to fight." He said to the boy. His power level was higher than his, but that was exactly what he wanted. If he didn't test his abilities every once in a while, how would he know just exactly how strong he really was? he wouldn't if he didn't push himself. They boy he had just spoken to had assumed his own fighting stance. Kazuya didn't recognize it, so that would make thigngs more of a challenge for him,not knowing what he would be up against. Kazuya smirked at the boy, and then chuckled a little, adn then assumed his own fighitng stance, and prepared to fight this boy.

Kazuya attempted to use his own special technique he created, and named. He called it, Iseijin Crusher. He started by charging at the enemy, and then uppercuts him in the jaw as hard as he could in the jaw, but before the boy would go flying go flying, he would grab him by hia ankle, adn then twirl him around as fast as he could, and send the boy flying upward. He then would shoot a Chaos wave at the young boy, then would teleport in front of him while he was in the air, and uses both hands clenched together, and smashes downards, sending the foe flying back to the ground at a fast speed, and with enough force for the young boy to make a crater upon impact back on the ground on which he landed on. If this all went as planned, the fight might be voer, but this was unlikely.


Kazuya was born on the planet of Isoja, and turned out to be like all the other Iseijins. a mutated, powerful, alien humanoid. He grew up under the intense gravity of Isja, and coming from a long line of Iseijin fighters, who were all very skilled, and were a proud race. He was born wwith a power level of 1200, which was very impressive for a newborn, even an Iseijin newborn. Becuase of such strong power, he was raised to be a very skilled fighting warrior, and to hone his skills. He was trained by his parents, and by himself since he was just a young toddler, adn easily became stronger than any human on Earth, and thanks to the high level of gravity, was stronger then some Saiyans, adn had better reflexes, and was faster. Kazuya lives on Earth, adn is training alot, and fighting in order to become stronger. He is very smart, much smarter than the average human, becuase he is an Iseijin, and can do much more than them. KAzuya uses alot of Iseijin technology in order to help him increase his strength, adn power, in hopes of one day being able to achieve the ultimate form of Iseijin's the level two Super ISeijin form. This wont happen any time soon for him, but he hopes it will happen one day. He first has to leanr to even use the lvl 1 Super Iseijin form.

martial art/ Moves:

Instant Transmission
Japanese Name: Shunkan Idou
Color: N/A
Type: Other
Instant Transmission - One of the series' most useful techniques. This allows the user to dematerialize and move as a mass of light. The only downside to the technique is that the user requires a Ki target to "lock onto". Son Goku learned this technique from the people Yardrat after he escaped from the exploding Planet Namek.

Fusion Dance
Japanese Name: Harahotaku
Other Names: Fusion
Color: Yellow
Type: Other
Fusion Dance - Created by the Metamaries, which Goku meets in Heaven. The first people to use it in the series were Goten and Trunks, who fused into Gotenks. Goku and Vegeta also used it in Movie #12, and in DBGT, to create Gogeta

name: Flying
colors: N/A
description: This is the ability to fly using one's Ki. The user simply controls their energy and pushes out from underneath them allowing them to fly.

name:energy blast
description:This is just a simple energy blast. They are very often weak, and are mainly used to deflect larger beams or to distract. But can be effective against lesser opponents.

name: power lend
colors: green
description: This technique is used to lend power to someone to make them temporarily stronger. It is used in Movie #8 when the Z Warriors lend their power to Goku, so he can defeat Broly.

name: charge
colors: Teal
description: the user concentrates on energy around him/her and then gains ki the longer he/she concentrates. they user canot be attacking while concentrating for it requires imense focus.

name: ki power
colors: Teal
description: the user temperaly gain an enchanced speed,strengh, and ki boost. however the effect will last for a short time period and the user becomes more drained causing more concentration to gain ki through charging and all ki moves afterward costs more ki to use. it can be very effective for finishing off a weakened opponet. the user glows the saae color as his/her ki while in this state.

Name: Chaos Wave
Color: Green/Blue
Description: Kazuya brings his hands together in the way you do for a Kamehameha, but then he twists his hands so his wrists go in a different direction, and then pull his hands apart. He focuses his Ki energy into this blast, which eventually shoots out of Kazuya's hands after he thrusts them forward, and saying the words ''CHAOS WAVE!" A Blue beam, with Green lightning surrounding it like when a Saiyan goes SSJ 2. This does not add to the power of this attack, it's just for show. This attack is about as strong as a Garlic Gun, or a Kamehameha-Wave. (P.S I got permission from Kiddich/Keitaro to use this move)

Name: Zanpakuto
Colors: Its a copy of user
Description: In this attack the user moves so fast, they leave an image of themselves behind. Thus, it looks like the user is in several places at once, or has made copies of himself/herself.

Name:Chou no Ryoku
Description:The attack is in the form of a thin piece of energy, which wraps around the victim sucking the energy out of them.

Name: Multi Form
Colors: N/A
Description: This is a technique where the user splits into four separate entities. Hence 12 Eyes, as Tien has 3 eyes. The four entities can fight on their own and can be attacked separately. But the downside is that the user's PL is divided into four, with each copy receiving 1/4 of the original's power level.

Name: Iseijin Crusher
Colors: Green/Blue
Description: This a a Ki energy attack, as well as a Physical utilized, and created by Kazuya. First, Kazuya charges at the enemy, and then uppercuts them in the jaw, but before they go flying, he grabs them byt their ankle, adn then twirls them, and sends them flying upward. He then shoots a Chaos wave at the foe, then teleports in front of them, adn uses both ahdsn clenched together, and smashes downards, sending the foe flying back to the ground.

Name: Spirit of the Iseijin
Colors: Teal
Description: Every Iseijin has the ability to use this technique, one that is similar to that of the Saiyans. It increases the strength, and speed greatly, but consumes a large amount of Ki while ebing used. Every second it's used, Ki is consumed. During this time, an Iseijin could take a blast of Ki energy as strong as a Kamehameha wave, adn it would hardly effect them It would feel like they had been punched by a 5 year old. They also become strong enough to karacte chop off someone's limbs.

Last edited by Kazuya on Thu Aug 20, 2009 8:36 pm; edited 3 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Kazuya, Iseijin warrior {Complete}   Thu Aug 20, 2009 1:02 am

Your application seems fine, though you don't seem to have a background, add one and you should be approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Kazuya, Iseijin warrior {Complete}   Thu Aug 20, 2009 1:25 am

Atreyuvision wrote:
Your application seems fine, though you don't seem to have a background, add one and you should be approved.
Yeah ik I dont have a history. If you look, this topic still says WIP

I am not done, and am still working, and will add a history.

Edit: Ok now im done
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PostSubject: Re: Kazuya, Iseijin warrior {Complete}   Thu Aug 20, 2009 8:56 am

okay it looks done now so i guess your approved
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PostSubject: Re: Kazuya, Iseijin warrior {Complete}   

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Kazuya, Iseijin warrior {Complete}
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