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the Z fighters have all but have died in a time of peace and earth has been in peace for years. but evil threatens to take over the earth yet agian and the new generation of fighters must stand toghter or fall into the darkness.
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 Yousef (Sayian)

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PostSubject: Yousef (Sayian)   Sat Aug 22, 2009 11:09 am


Alias: neutral

Age: 22




personalityYousef is a person who is calm most of the time until he is bothered, but in both states he has a sense of hate towards people who lack strength both physically and mentally. Yousef is a conspiracy theorists who believes that everyone does something gracious looking for something that would benefit them. He likes using his mind so he enjoys most puzzles that require any type of intelligence to complete. Yousef hates when he has to repeat himself, both verbally and physically .

likes:Women,Puzzles that require intelligence,poetry,music

dislikes:Annoying people that lack in both physical and mental strength.

group affliation:N/A

RP sample: (I made one, but since I need to redo my profile due to some error I will use an old one, if there is a problem I will make another new one.)

Mohammad was on a boat that was leaving from pakistan, to be more precise he was from Lahore pakistan. Unfortunately he was the only fighter on the boat, everyone else which was actually just the driver and two of Mohammad's trainers were there. While on the boat he watched as he left his homeland practically for good. His attention turned towards the water. Upon seeing the beautiful water flow and crash into the boat he remembered a saying.“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless - like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” This saying meant a lot to Mohammad since it was a very true just as the other saying.“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” This saying was also true as one who practiced one move intensely would be able to make it devastating unlike a man who tried every move once that man wouldn't know how to execute the attack in it's proper way. Mohammad's biggest role model was bruce lee who was a excellent fighter,but even with so much power was known more for his wisdom and kindness.

Mohammad's boat was beginning to reach the island. Before reaching He saw a man who were surrounded by men, but the man was the only one that really looked different. "He is the one to look out for." His trainers gathered round and saw the man and compared him to the others "Surely sir you cannot be serious." "Oh. but I am everyone else uses their size and tough attitude to intimidate as this man clearly does not wish to do the same." Mohammad stood up now ready to get off the ship when it landed. Just as the boat arrived on land Mohammad watched the man he spoke about quickly handle all the fighters that were on the boat with him. "There was no need for that much violence for the others did not even try to attack him." Mohammad didn't like that,but who was he to interfere.

Mohammad then walked off the boat and followed the man who had just inflicted pain on all the members of his boat. Upon walking by the men on the floor moaning in pain he looked at them with a stare that told you to not mess with that guy. then turning back and looking forward he copied every footstep the man in front did as they made their way to the main sector.

History:Yousef was born on no planet,but instead a ship. The ship held only the three members of the family. They escaped as their planet was being destroyed, by people they didn't know and they didn't know why they did it. Arriving on earth Yousef and his family quickly fit in as humans while his father secretly trained him. After a few years his power took control and blasted out,this killed his father. Yousef was knocked out shortly after and the mother came out since she heard the noises. She was shocked and without checking she assumed both the son and father to be dead which led her to running away out of desperation. Yousef awoke a few minutes later and found his father dead, he then looked for his mother but found her gone. Yousef assumed his mother had killed his father and decided to chase her down. Yousef spent years training in fist fighting for it was the only thing that suppressed his anger. He traveled and traveled but never found her.(My original was 4 times this)

martial art/ Moves:(FIRST TWO ARE MINE)

name: Cerberus

colors:Dark red

description:The user puts his hands together to make a triangle, The beam is shot out and disappears five feet later. It then reappears a few seconds later and is shot out into three different blasts.

name:Acid rain


description:The user basically does the same thing as a spirit bomb but fires it straight above. The bomb then explodes and rains down upon the battlefield

name:10 Times Kamehameha

colors: Green

description:Identical to a regular Kamehameha wave, but just 10 times more powerful. Goku seems to take a liking to this attack after going Super Saiyan 4 in GT, and uses it on several occasions.

name:Big Bang Attack

colors: Green

description: After going Super Saiyan, Vegeta learns or makes up this attack. He takes a strong liking to it, and makes it his signature attack from then on.

name:Big Bang Kamehameha


description:This is Gogeta's combination of two attacks; The Kamehameha and the Big Bang Attack (Vegeta and Goku's signature attacks).

name:Special Beam Cannon


description:This is an incredibly powerful beam that Piccolo first uses against Radditz and Goku. It is a straight Ki beam with another coiled around it. It is charged by putting two fingers against the forehead the fired by extending the arm and firing form the fingers. At first it takes Piccolo a few minutes, but eventually he can do it much quicker. It is Piccolo's trademark attack

name:Thunder Flash

colors:N/A Fire

description: Pikkon's ultimate attack. This attack shoots a massive column of fire out from the user's fists. Pikkon uses this three time on Goku in the Annoyoichi Budokai, but on the third time Goku counters with an Instant Kamehameha.

name:Final Flash


description:A blast formed in front of the chest and then projected.

name:Final Kamehameha


description:A mixture of vegeta's Final Flash and Goku's kamehameha.

name:Kamehameha Warfare


description:The ability to block one Kamehameha with another. This is simply firing your Kamehameha at an oncoming one. Goku uses this against Jackie Chun at the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai.



description:This is the ability to fly using one's Ki. The user simply controls their energy and pushes out from underneath them allowing them to fly.

name:Instant Transmission


description: One of the series' most useful techniques. This allows the user to dematerialize and move as a mass of light. The only downside to the technique is that the user requires a Ki target to "lock onto". Son Goku learned this technique from the people Yardrat after he escaped from the exploding Planet Namek.
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PostSubject: Re: Yousef (Sayian)   Sat Aug 22, 2009 9:39 pm

hum well i see little wrong in it so approved
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Yousef (Sayian)
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