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the Z fighters have all but have died in a time of peace and earth has been in peace for years. but evil threatens to take over the earth yet agian and the new generation of fighters must stand toghter or fall into the darkness.
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 If It's A Dream Tonight, I Think I Wanna Wake Up... ((Open))

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PostSubject: If It's A Dream Tonight, I Think I Wanna Wake Up... ((Open))   Sun Sep 06, 2009 4:46 pm

The night was dark, the moon was new causing even more darkness to spread due to the poor lighting. There were many stars in the sky, too many to count, they filled the black sky. Jecht was lying down with his right leg slightly kicked up on the soft moist grass in a fairly large open field that lay in between two thick forests. It was an odd spot to find, most would never see this, but Jecht had a thing for finding isolated spots for solitude. His hands were rested behind his head, his eyes would switch between being open or closed, almost like blinking, just much slower; always waiting at least a minute before opening or closing his eyes again. He couldn't sleep, he never could sleep. Jecht would look up to the stars as he softly uttered to himself in his deep relaxed voice, "If it's a dream tonight, I think I wanna wake up." The rest of his words would remain in his thoughts. Cause my dreams are spiked with nightmares! I should get out while I can! It's not easy, it's not easy... Jecht's mind continued to wander, sticking to thoughts of his past, thoughts he couldn't get away from no matter how hard he tried. Jecht was a man who was obsessed with his past, a past he cannot get over, nor escape. A large power level beamed into his head, but he still remained flat on his back, not really caring about it. If the warrior were to approach and fight Jecht, it most likely wouldn't end well for the challenger.
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If It's A Dream Tonight, I Think I Wanna Wake Up... ((Open))
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