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 Kasumi Asai --DONE--

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Kasumi Asai

Kasumi Asai

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PostSubject: Kasumi Asai --DONE--   Fri Jul 24, 2009 1:21 pm

Name: Kasumi Asai
Alias: -
Age: 16
Gender: Female
race: Half Saiyan Half Human Mix
  • name: Energy Barrier
    colors: vaires (mostly blue,red,yellow, green and orange depending on the user)
    description:With this technique, the user can create a shield around themselves which can withstand many attacks as long as the person has enough Ki to supply. An example of when this was used is when Gohan creates one to protect himself, Piccolo and Krillin from getting sucked into the Dead Zone.

  • name: Flying
    colors: N/A
    description: This is the ability to fly using one's Ki. The user simply controls their energy and pushes out from underneath them allowing them to fly.

  • name:energy blast
    colors: differs (mostly seen as blue and yellow and a variety of more in diffrent villians cell=green friza=purple majn buu=pink)
    description:This is just a simple energy blast. They are very often weak, and are mainly used to deflect larger beams or to distract. But can be effective against lesser opponents.

  • name: power lend
    colors: green
    description: This technique is used to lend power to someone to make them temporarily stronger. It is used in Movie #8 when the Z Warriors lend their power to Goku, so he can defeat Broly.

  • name: charge
    colors: varies
    description: the user concentrates on energy around him/her and then gains ki the longer he/she concentrates. they user canot be attacking while concentrating for it requires imense focus.

  • name: ki power
    colors: varies
    description: the user temperaly gain an enchanced speed,strengh, and ki boost. however the effect will last for a short time period and the user becomes more drained causing more concentration to gain ki through charging and all ki moves afterward costs more ki to use. it can be very effective for finishingoff a weakened opponet. the user glows the smae color as his/her ki whil in this state. (think of the games).

  • After Image Technique
    Japanese Name: Zanzoken
    Other Names: N/A
    Color: A Blur
    Type: Other
    After Image Technique - In this attack the user moves so fast, they leave an image of themselves behind. Thus, it looks like the user is in several places at once, or has made copies of himself/herself.

  • Instant Transmission
    Japanese Name: Shunkan Idou
    Other Names: N/A
    Color: N/A
    Type: Other
    Instant Transmission - One of the series' most useful techniques. This allows the user to dematerialize and move as a mass of light. The only downside to the technique is that the user requires a Ki target to "lock onto". Son Goku learned this technique from the people Yardrat after he escaped from the exploding Planet Namek.

  • Kaioken
    Japanese Name: Kaioken
    Other Names: Fist of the Worlds
    Color: Red
    Type: Power Up
    Kaioken - This was taught to Goku in the afterlife by King Kai. It is a power up technique that allows the user to amplify their Ki by how ever much they desire. Goku should not have been able to go past two times Kaioken, but after training under 100x Earth's gravity he could increase it to 20x. The number denotes by how much the user's power level is times (except for regular Kaioken which is 1.5x). E.G.: Pl = 5,000 + Kaiokenx10 = 50,000.

  • Kamehameha
    Other Names: Turtle Destruction Wave
    Type: Energy Beam
    Kamehameha - The signature attack of Dragonball. We first see it performed by Master Roshi, to put out the fire on Mt. Paozu, unfortunately Roshi puts too much power in and blows the mountain away! The attack is charged with cupped hands behind the back, then brought to the front with the arms outstretched, and fired.

  • Super Kaioken
    Japanese Name: N/A
    Other Names: N/A
    Color: Red
    Type: Power Up
    Super Kaioken - This is the ability to use the Kaioken attack whilst a Super Saiyan. Goku uses this against Pikkon in the Otherworld Tournament as a surprise attack.

  • Ultimate Kamehameha
    Japanese Name: Chou Kamehameha
    Other Names: Super Kamehameha
    Color: Blue
    Type: Energy Beam
    Ultimate Kamehameha - Basically the same as the regular Kamehameha but it is much more powerful and uses a lot more energy. It was used by Goku against Piccolo in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai.


Super Saiyan 1

personality: Kasumi has a rebel personality, which gets her into a lot of mischief. She likes pulling pranks and disobeying any rules given to her by adults. She has no care in the world and could care less about what people say to her. A smile is on her face nearly all the time, even in her sleep! She likes cheering up the people around her, to make a positive world where everybody is happy. She is a calm happy teenager, that promised never to grow up!
  • Smiling
  • Flying
  • Fighting
  • Pulling Pranks

  • Seeing people die
  • Getting in trouble
  • Fight's being refused
  • Sadness

group affiliation: Anything my character fits

RP sample: [[*These are a few posts I made from other sites*]]
Kouu Heki wrote:
Kouu walked around the sticking upward parts of the streets wither her hands in her pocket. Her hood to her blue coat, which so wears almost all the time, was up. The wind blew and she sighed as it almost knocked her hood down. Kouu glanced at the ground, seeing all the giant cracks. She then looked back at the sky, the sun reflected off her eyes, making it seem like they were 'glowing'. Kouu then drew out her sword, and stared at it for awhile. "Brother...."

Kuro Myou wrote:
Kuro walked into a bar in town. She had never heard about "alcohol" because her kind usually only knew the drink called "blood". The place was deserted. She was the only one there, excluding the bartender. She walked to the table and sat in a seat. "What can I get you, young lady?" The bartender asked her. Kuro had no idea what these drinks were called so she just said, "Something with the fluid called "alcohol"." The bartender handed Kuro a medium sized glass with vodka in it. Kuro took a sip and to her shock, she liked it. She gulped down the whole glass and the bartender gave her a refill. She took a small step then heard something from outside. Footsteps? Who would be here this late? Kuro asked herself in her mind, and looked at the door to see who would walk in...

Haran Naito wrote:
Haran slowly walked up to an old house, her guns it their place by her waist and her sword in its sheath strapped on her back. The windows were broken, there was no door, the place looked half destroyed. Haran slowly walked into the house. The floor was squeaking with every step she made. Haran looked up slightly and noticed that the roof had gaping holes in it. She then saw a small figure shadow on the wall, she jumped up and pulled out one of her guns. She turned around and fired her gun. The bullet hit a rat, an the rat dropped dead. Causing blood to surround the rats body. Haran sighed in relief. All of a sudden, the wind blew, and noises were heard that sounded like WHOOO. Haran stayed calm, knowing it was only the wind.

She slowly walked up the stairs. Haran looked around sneakily. "What is here to steal?" She asked herself. Haran again heard the sound from earlier, WHOOO. She looked out the window, the trees were not moving, so she knew it was not a wind strong enough to make that sound.

Haran Naito wrote:
Haran looked out the window once more, and saw a figure, who she thought looked male. Haran shook her head and looked away, showing very little interest on who it was. She walked away, then tripped over a closed crate. "Fuck!" Haran yelled, but kept the yell silent. Her knee was injured from the fall, but she didn't care and opened the crate. Haran was disappointed that there was nothing of value in the crate. Haran looked around the upstairs once more. she could hear the cardboard of the floor weakening with every step she took. "I better get back to the downstairs.." Haran told herself. She walked back towards the stairs to go down, when the floor broke, causing her to fall to the ground of the first floor.

Haran Naito wrote:
Haran heard footsteps and reached for her gun, which she could luckily reach, considering how she fell. She saw a figure, unable to make it out cause of the dust. Is that the guy I saw...when I looked out the window? Haran asked herself in her mind. She pointed her gun to the figure, her left eye was closed because of how much pain she was in. Gotta make this fast...before the smoke clears... Haran said to herself in her mind. She quickly pulled the trigger to her gun, a bullet flew out towards the man as the smoke began to clear.

History: [[*Shown in RP; 3rd Person*]]
;;Birth and School Arcs;;
Sixteen years ago on earth, was Kasumi she was born. Her mother was human, her father was a saiyan. Her mother died when she was just seven. Kasumi was left with only her father, who eventually left her. When she started school, students, and even teachers would think she would be a depressed child. Boy, they thought wrong...next thing they knew Kasumi was causing mischief and sent to the principals office. Luckily, she made it through the primary school, and it was off to a strict elementary school. After just one year at the elementary school, Kasumi was able to use her Ki powers, which let her cause even more mischief! She was kicked out of school for that, but she was educated by her neighbor.

;;Wandering Arc;;
One day, Kasumi took a walk around the forest and she noticed a small house. Out of her curiosity, she went in the house. She saw none other then her father who had abandoned her. Kasumi was furious and she yelled, "Why?! Why did you leave me to grow up alone!?" Her father stayed calm and said, "You were, and still are useless..." Her father just said that to get her mad, to unleash her inner super saiyan. Kasumi, didn't know that though. Her fathers plan had worked, she had turned super saiyan. Her father had no idea, however, that she would kill him in her rage. Kasumi never spoke of that, not even to the ones she could trust.

;;Current Moment Arc;;
Kasumi is sixteen, and over what she had done to her dad. WHat she plans right now, is only too bring joy to the world.
martial art/ Moves: -
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PostSubject: Re: Kasumi Asai --DONE--   Fri Jul 24, 2009 2:18 pm

lets see........

there you go :3
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Kasumi Asai --DONE--
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