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the Z fighters have all but have died in a time of peace and earth has been in peace for years. but evil threatens to take over the earth yet agian and the new generation of fighters must stand toghter or fall into the darkness.
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 Rache Volaju, The Waker

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PostSubject: Rache Volaju, The Waker   Wed Aug 05, 2009 7:48 pm

Name: Rache Volaju

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Race: Human



Alignment: Evil

Personality: Ruthless, Efficient, Determined, Serious and Focused, he also has a Glaring OCD which has surfaced only recently


Rache bends his Ki into a long sword

Rache infuses Ki into his sword, making it more lightweight as to utilize it faster and making it more effective with which to attack

Rache infuses his sword with Ki then throws it, he can then remotely control the sword, at any point he can either have the Ki in the sword detonate in a blast of energy, he can split the Ki from the sword, controlling the Ki alone, or he can split the Ki into several smaller blasts which he can then remotely control

Rache can stab his sword into the ground, using it as a beacon and focus for his Ki, he then projects it into a shield of impressive fortitude

Swinging his sword, Rache can launch destructo-disc-like blasts from it

Focusing Ki into his sowrd Rache can unleash it to have it blast outward with trememndous force

Bending his Ki into sword shaped blasts he has them hover in the air near his body, when an opponent comes to attack the swords will defend and attack the opponent

Clear Senses
Rache, unlike most other fighters, is usually very calm while he fights. Allowing him to think more clearly than others, making evasion and countering for him less difficult.

Fearless Determination
Rache does not fear dearth, but embraces it...He considers himself stuck in a dream, that the life he lives, the reality he is in is nothing more than a dream. He considers himself dead, and dying is nothing more than the awakening to something more; the awakening from his dreams...Or nightmares...Thus he shows no fear in combat, because he does not fear death. Even if the opponent is much stronger than him, he will continue to battle with out fleeing...Thus making him a very hard person to defeat...

When Rache nears death, or near the awakening from his dream, his body unleashes a large amount of power, as if something did not want him to die just yet...His power level is greatly increased, but at the cost of his own life force...The longer he fights during this mode, the closer he brings himself to his awakening...

Rache closes his eyes for a moment then quickly opens them, once they are opened a thick dark blue aura surrounds him. His physical prowess is greatly enhanced, as is his Ki. But during this state his Ki is being drained, he cannot keep it up forever so he must use this wisely.

Charge - The user simply charges and gathers more Ki, during this time he is immobile and must concentrate, Rache's aura is a dark blue.

Flight - This is the ability to fly using one's Ki. The user simply controls their energy and pushes out from underneath them allowing them to fly.

Power Lend - This technique is used to lend power to someone to make them temporarily stronger. It goes much quicker by direct physical contact, but can also be transferred from a distance, though it will take longer.

History: Rache is ruthless, bloodthirsty, cunning and ambitious. Considered by some to be Jecht's darker half, he is willing to do anything in order to secure a position of power. He is a member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate, and is often referred to or depicted as a venomous snake (as opposed to Jecht who is referred to as a swimming bird and the Syndicate Elders who see themselves as a dragon). His weapon of choice is not a firearm, but a katana which he wields skillfully, even against gun-wielders. Rache was Jecht's partner in the Red Dragon crime syndicate until they fell into conflict over Emily (and possibly over Jecht's decision to abandon the Syndicate, though the two may be related). Rache believes that he is the only one who can kill, or "awaken" Jecht, as Jecht is the only one who can do the same for Rache. At 27, he is the same age as Jecht, although he appears to be much older. He may seem older due to the heavy, ever-present bags under his eyes.

RP Sample
(( from another site ))
Amy sniffed the wind, the stink of unwashed fur made the air cloying and noxious, a couple strands of hair passed in the breeze, brushing past her cheek before quickly blowing away in the wind, not more than two feet in fron of her, standing on the other side of the shrub, was a Satyr sentry, his partner was just edging around the corner to leave and Amy knocked an arrow, preparing to take down the corrupted demon, she had gotten wind of these creatures setting up camp from a small group of nomadic Furbolgs who had been attacked, she was determined to rid the forest of them, as soon as his companion rounded the corner the arrow flew, without a twang or whisper in the wind, no hint that the death of a demon had just occurred, she leapt out of the brush and did a quick scan of the area, she was standing on the edge of a valley, a slanting hill rolled out underneath her, she spied a small camp, no doubt set up by the Satyr's, she hid behind a rock, one of several jutting up, covering the lip of the valley she was on, on the other side was a path that led down into the valley, and it was where the other Satyr had just gone, she waited till she heard his footsteps rounding into the clearing again and as soon as he was behind the rock, with barely time to register shock at his comrades dead body, Amy stepped out, grabbed an arrow from her quiver and jammed it into the Satyr's knee, then, with one deft motion, she withdrew it, rammed her fist into his jaw, and drove the arrow into his chest, she smirked with satisfaction, she crept down the path after she had disposed of the corpses, she left a freeze trap in the path also, for good measure, she scouted out the small camp, 8 Satyr, not including the one's she had already killed, had taken up residence here, one was asleep on its cot, 4 were patrolling the edge of their makeshift camp, two were busying themselves with cooking a meal and one was starting up the path, evidently worried about the sentry's who hadn't reported in, she let fly another arrow, halting his march and collapsing him face down in the dust, she dragged his body under a nearby bush and continued her progress, she crept slowly nearer to the camp, but without proper cover, she was spotted by one of the scouts, they rushed her with swords, the two cooks bringing up the rear and the sleeper groggily rising awake, she stood and loosed a shaft into the first Satyr, it fell with a bleat and stumbled one of the cooks, she hit the second Satyr mid-stride and he tumbled off balance and collapsed, never to rise again, the third one came in striking distance, but Amy withdrew her dagger from her boot and jammed it into its neck, ducking under its sweeping blow to do so, she knocked yet another arrow and loosed it into the fourth Satyr, burying it in his chest, up to the fletching, the first cook closed and she collapsed under his blow, though most of the damage was absorbed by her armor, she fell to the ground but still managed to throw her dagger up, in an arc, it spiraled head over head and buried itself into the neck of the cook with a dull thud, his body collapsed on top of her, she threw it off and looked up just in time to see the second cook, his blade already coming down in the sweeping slash that would end her life, suddenly a white streak, a blessing, whizzed out of the brush and resolved itself into a brilliant white Lioness, a hunk of bleeding meat hung from her jaws and a look at the cook revealed it had been taking from his still breathing throat, his attacked halted, he collapsed backwards, Ahru purred with pride and spat the tainted meat out of her mouth, the final Satyr, after seeing his friends slaughtered, and being in the tired state that he was, scrambled up the path, a scream heralded the news, he was caught by her trap, she walked nonchalantly, back up the path, the Satyr was frozen in his running stance, in a huge block of ice, only his face and hands stuck out from the entrapment, she walked around the ice block and came face to face with him "your mistreatment of this land ends here demon scum" she hissed at him he spat back at her some foul demonic insults that he thought of in the spur of the moment, no matter, she didn't understand what he had said, and wouldn't have cared if she could, she drove a final arrow straight through his forehead and wiped her hands free of dust, she then scratched the top of Ahru's head, she purred with pleasure "c'mon, let's go, we're done here" with that she turned and walked off, Ahru keeping pace at her heel
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PostSubject: Re: Rache Volaju, The Waker   Wed Aug 05, 2009 8:33 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Rache Volaju, The Waker   Fri Aug 07, 2009 1:02 pm

inferoo i forgot to mention this but can you make another account?

this is because we want to keep track of EXP and not be confused if this charrie does something to gain EXP and so the other doesnt gain more instead we like to keep things orginized (i made it automatic activation i think but im pretty sure)
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PostSubject: Re: Rache Volaju, The Waker   

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Rache Volaju, The Waker
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