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the Z fighters have all but have died in a time of peace and earth has been in peace for years. but evil threatens to take over the earth yet agian and the new generation of fighters must stand toghter or fall into the darkness.
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 Looking for the 1 star dragonball. (410 words)

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PostSubject: Looking for the 1 star dragonball. (410 words)   Fri Aug 07, 2009 6:32 pm

Zen was putting his evil plan into motion on this day the first step was to break into the lab were they made Dragonball radar.This was an easy task do to the fact they only had armed gaurds.Zen chuckled as they shot at him and his energy barrier just pushed them away."You guys like guns ill show you guns" He said as he drew his silver side arm out.He took aim at a group of about ten gaurds and let a energy blast rip blowing up the ground the men stood on.

As they flew zen laughed at the blood shed.Turning he drew out his golden gun holding them at the other gaurds."Move....OR ILL MOVE YOU"He said.They ran screaming knowing they had no chance of stopping him.He then basted through a wall into the main lab.He broke into a vault and took one of the dragonball radar he then blasted threw the roof of the lab and flew off to find the one star dragonball.

He then flew with the radar in hand going over uninhabited places as he knew it was most likly to be in a place that no one found it yet.As he flew he came across a deserted island.The radar started going crazy.Flashing and beeping.(If this damn thing wasnt so nessacary i would crush it) he thought to himself.He then flew down to find that the ball was on a cliff in the middle of a volcano,

"Of course if theres no one to defend it nature will i suppose"He smirked at the idea that this might actually take time.He then flew down to the cliff and the heat from it was so scorching he could feel it almost burning him were he stood.(Ill have to be fast) he thought.He then used instant transmisson as a splash of magma came up close to him.He grabed the dragonball just in time and got out of there flying as far from the volcano as he could at the time.

Relieved of the heat he took a breath."Stage one of my plan complete."He gloated as he started flying back to his hideout were he had superzero human soldiers waiting to protect the dragonball.When he arived he put the ball in a vault hundreds of feet underground in an iron vault were there would be no chance of it beeing detected by radar.He then waited for the next day were he would continue on and find the two star dragonball.

(410 words)

(OCC:for everyones info im well aware that the radar does not find the balls in order but for the sake of how much it will take to find them i will be going in order lol.)
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PostSubject: Re: Looking for the 1 star dragonball. (410 words)   Sat Aug 08, 2009 5:36 am


Dragonballs gained:
1 star earth dragon ball
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Looking for the 1 star dragonball. (410 words)
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