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the Z fighters have all but have died in a time of peace and earth has been in peace for years. but evil threatens to take over the earth yet agian and the new generation of fighters must stand toghter or fall into the darkness.
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 baki ookami

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PostSubject: baki ookami   Tue Jul 21, 2009 7:24 am

Name: Baki Ookami
Alias: N/A
Age: 19
Gender: Male
race: mix (human/sayian)

personality: Baki is considered a fool by his friends but someone who has a good heart. baki deeply cares about his friends and fears of cauing another death of his allies. to baki the lives of his friends or more important than victory and often holds back when fighting with a friend. when baki enters a battle with a enemy however baki is most likley filled with hatred and disgust. hating all things evil baki will turn to his srongest form killing anyone who he sees as evil.
likes:eating,sleeping,pretty woman, and training
dislikes: evil people, waiting, and social situations.

RP sample: just show us an average post to expect from you, dont make it longer than you ussaully RP. doesnt have to be this RP just any RP sample would be fine.

History: his father was a good man with strong morales who taught baki how to fight and use martial art techniques when he was at a early age. in school baki was too strong to be handled by his teachers so his father homeschooled him and at recess they traoned toghter. when baki was a teenager he asked his father to go to regular high school to see how it was like and baki being the good person he was took the freshman intiation well and met another half sayian boy there named Watari. Watari was baki's only and best firend in class and they revealed to each other that they had simular lives since Watari also never knew his mother and became life longer friends. at age 18 when baki graduated he and Watari went to vacation in the sun. however during their vacation baki and watari was followed by a human with super zero strengh. the human refered them as aliens who have no right in this planet and attacked. baki and Watari fought bravley but watari fell in battle when he took a stray energy beam in the heart for baki and died saving baki. baki feel to the earth na dweeped for his fallen friend turining him into a super sayian and used a ultimate kamehameha to kill the human. baki returned to his home and trained with his father in kame's lookout with dende. when new came of humans hunting sayians with newfound powers and androids and sayians launching a attack on the humans it was only a matter of time before war began and baki knew he must lead a new generation of fighters to defend earth from havoc.
moves/Martial arts:

Fusion Dance
Japanese Name: Harahotaku
Other Names: Fusion
Color: Yellow
Type: Other
Fusion Dance - Created by the Metamaries, which Goku meets in Heaven. The first people to use it in the series were Goten and Trunks, who fused into Gotenks. Goku and Vegeta also used it in Movie #12, and in DBGT, to create Gogeta

Final Kamehameha
Japanese Name: Final Kamehameha
Other Names: N/A
Color: Blue
Type: Energy Beam
Final Kamehameha - This is Vegito's brilliant combination of two of Goku's and Vegeta's best attacks. A very powerful blast which Vegito uses when he fights Super Majin Buu

Other Names: Turtle Destruction Wave
Type: Energy Beam
Kamehameha - The signature attack of Dragonball. We first see it performed by Master Roshi, to put out the fire on Mt. Paozu, unfortunately Roshi puts too much power in and blows the mountain away! The attack is charged with cupped hands behind the back, then brought to the front with the arms outstretched, and fired.

Kamehameha Warfare
Japanese Name: Kamehameha Gaeshi
Other Names: Turtle Destruction Wave Warfare
Color: Blue
Type: Energy Beams
Kamehameha Warfare - The ability to block one Kamehameha with another. This is simply firing your Kamehameha at an oncoming one. Goku uses this against Jackie Chun at the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai.

name: Flying
colors: N/A
description: This is the ability to fly using one's Ki. The user simply controls their energy and pushes out from underneath them allowing them to fly.

name:energy blast
colors: differs (mostly seen as blue and yellow and a variety of more in diffrent villians cell=green friza=purple majn buu=pink)
description:This is just a simple energy blast. They are very often weak, and are mainly used to deflect larger beams or to distract. But can be effective against lesser opponents.

name: power lend
colors: green
description: This technique is used to lend power to someone to make them temporarily stronger. It is used in Movie #8 when the Z Warriors lend their power to Goku, so he can defeat Broly.

name: charge
colors: varies
description: the user concentrates on energy around him/her and then gains ki the longer he/she concentrates. they user canot be attacking while concentrating for it requires imense focus.

name: ki power
colors: varies
description: the user temperaly gain an enchanced speed,strengh, and ki boost. however the effect will last for a short time period and the user becomes more drained causing more concentration to gain ki through charging and all ki moves afterward costs more ki to use. it can be very effective for finishingoff a weakened opponet. the user glows the smae color as his/her ki whil in this state.

Instant Transmission
Japanese Name: Shunkan Idou
Color: N/A
Type: Other
Instant Transmission - One of the series' most useful techniques. This allows the user to dematerialize and move as a mass of light. The only downside to the technique is that the user requires a Ki target to "lock onto". Son Goku learned this technique from the people Yardrat after he escaped from the exploding Planet Namek.

Name:spirit cannon ball
color: blue
description: one of baki's original technquies learned when controling his ki. when he began using i lasts he didnt know how much to put in each hand and put all his ki into a single blast of ki. it looks small aat first but on impact it widens into a devestatingliy smaller version of the spirit bomb. on impact the ball explodes into a blast radius of 5 miles and has the smae power of a spirit bomb.

Burning Attack
Type: Energy Ball
Burning Attack - Future Trunks' trademark attack, this is first seen when he fights Cyborg Frieza. Frieza easily dodges the attack, but the point of the attack was not hit Frieza, but simply distract him from getting sliced in half by Trunks' sword. To perform the attack, he does a strange system of hand movements, and then ends it by making a spade like shape with his fingers in which a Ki Ball shoots out.

Crusher Ball
Japanese Name: N/A
Color: Red
Crusher Ball - Jeice uses this attack during the Frieza Saga. He charges a medium sized ball of energy in one hand, then hurls it at the opponent.

Dragon Fist
Color: Yellow
Dragon Fist - This is one of Goku's most powerful attacks. He uses the power of the eternal dragon to try and take his enemy down!

Hana Gaeshi Kameha
Hana Gaeshi Kameha - This is the ability to block a Kamehameha by putting your hands in front of your chest. Tien uses to counter Yamcha's Kamehameha at the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai.
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baki ookami
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