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 The Lemial

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PostSubject: The Lemial   Thu Aug 13, 2009 5:16 am

name of race: Lemial

origin: The Lemial's began as large cats, and were the apex predators of the planet. They evolved extremely slowly, and even as they began their civilization, much of the species were still in their former feline forms. However said forms were quickly deemed to be food, leaving only the current humanoid varients.

history: The Lemial are an ancient race, at least as old as the Namekians themselves. As their kingdom rose, they began to annex more and more land, enslaving the strongest nameks, and eating the rest. Though resembling humanoid lions, the Lemial were capable of swallowing their prey like a snake, and the nameks were their favorites by far. However the nameks, and other races of the time, rose up against the Lemial. Their reign only lasted about eighty years, and they were quickly forgotten. Those not slain in combat, were locked away in a vast vault beneath their kingdom, which was lost under the sea thousands of years in the past. However the Lemial are virtually immortal, and even after so many millenia, they survived within. Only in recent years, the city finally crushed beneath the weight of the water, have they began to slip free back to the surface. The Lemial are a highly caste based society, with such varients that some would mistake them for different species entirally. Each caste performs a specific function, and is born knowing it, as such it is impossible to "mistake" one's classification and duties. The castes are as follows.

Emperor: Despite being the strongest physically, Emperor Arie resembles a cute eight year old child. He is almost completely human, save for his tail and little lion ears. The Emperor has the greatest appetite of his kind, and in the past was known to consume entire namek villages in a day.

Elite Guard: The Elite Guard are an all female caste, though some are born with manes, which resemble very tall humanoid lions. They are far more beastial then most, and sport powerful claws. They are tasked with protecting Arie, and answer only to him. They hold no political power, but refusing an order from one is punishable by death.

Nobles: The nobles resemble humanoid lions with very slight builds. Both genders lack manes, and they tend to be weaker physically. They act as both officials to the kingdom, and advisors to Emperor Arie. They are to be respected by all, and only the Elite Guard may give one an order, and only in important situations.

Warriors: The soldiers of the Lemial, warriors varie somewhat in appearance. Some resemble the Elite Guard, albeit without their distinctive claws, while others are more human, though not so much as the workers. They are considered above the worker caste, though like the guard hold no political power.

Workers: The worker caste are somewhat similar to the emperor, humanoid with slight lion features, albeit adult in appearance. They perform the day-to-day functions of the empire, and answer to most the other castes.

planet: Namek

species: Beastial
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PostSubject: Re: The Lemial   Thu Aug 13, 2009 8:49 am

this is a very well written application and you didmneven request for another planet! approved!

oh and one question. what do they look like are they neko like or do they look diffrent. ( i know a few places where i can ifnd pics for this race if you want heres just a quick sample of what i can get.)

(ignore the thundercats thing in the corner)

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The Lemial
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