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 new moves for baki

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PostSubject: new moves for baki   Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:18 am

Name: Choas Curve
Colors: whiteish yellow
Description: baki opens one hand and uses the other hand to point at a intended target. then baki collects ki into his open hand creating a ki ball and throws it into the general direction of where his finger is pointing. baki can then use his finger to direct the ki ball that will obey the direction of baki's finger's. the ball explodes on contact thus making it easy to avoid. baki only uses this when his opponet is immobilized.

Name: Surprise Rush
Colors: N/A
Description: baki throws a barrage ofki balls from his hands. while the opponet is blocking or dodging the attacks baki uses instant transmission to teleport behind the opponet and land a fury of kicks and blows. this uses a moderate amount of ki.

Name: For the name of peace
Colors: blue
Description: baki only unlocks this technique when nearing death. baki's pupils with dissapear and he will go into his highest state. instead of a white aura around him during SSJ mode baki will emit a blue aura and white lighing will surrond him (simular to SSJ2 level). baki's muscles will grow twice their normal size and baki's ki will replentish and increase. baki will stay in this form for a full thirty minutes and before that all of baki's attack will do double damage. after baki is released from this state when the thirty minutes expire he will fall uncoincoius and will need three days of rest before waking up.

Name: Fury of the Son
Colors: yellow
Description: baki will rush at his opponet landing a barrage of punches to the chest and face baki then sends a kick to the waist and a final kick to the forehead knocking the opponet back. baki needs to automatically recharge after this.

Name: Flamming Gernade special
Colors: red, yellow
Description: baki throws a barrage of ki balls around a opponet and none of them hit. however the ki balls then gather into a larger ki ball above the opponet and then baki throws his hand down signalling the ball to go down and destroy a oppnet underneath. needs immedent chargin after use and baki uses this on a immobilized opponet for full effect.
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new moves for baki
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